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Professor Juan Correa M.

Dean of the School of Biological Sciences

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Welcome to the website of the School of Biological Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

The School of Biological Sciences is the academic entity responsible for developing the biological sciences at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Therefore, the School performs original scientific research, projects these findings towards innovation and teaches this discipline at basic and advanced levels. Nearly 40 years after its foundation, our School maintains intense research and educational activity, both diverse and of excellence, that has placed it as an institution of recognized prestige, both within the University and within the national and international scientific community.

Currently, the School of Biological Sciences has 600 undergraduate students distributed in the Programs of Biology, Biochemistry and Marine Biology. It also serves an annual averageof 4,052 undergraduate students from other majors, whose formation requires an education inbiology. At the advanced degree level, the School affords, since 1970, the oldest and largest doctoral program in the university, with 214 active students and 471 graduates.

Our School is also the engine of frontier research in biology, attracting over 25% of the proceeds obtained competitively by the University to conduct research. Our academics have international recognition, which manifests itself through prestigious awards and honors attesting to the international quality of their scientific activities. Furthermore, many lead institutional research efforts including the establishment and maintenance of large networks of collaborations in research and advanced training centers of excellence with diverse parts of the world.

Presently, the School faces additional challenges in all its activities resulting from national and global needs. They correspond to problems that due to their magnitude and complexity require groups of researchers, innovators and well trained educators of quality interacting smoothly,and able to contribute to their solution. The University has recognized this as its third mission, in which the hope is that the knowledge generated by its academics can impact the development and welfare of the country.

These pages are intended to provide an information platform that shows our School to the educational institutions of the country, foreign and domestic agencies linked to the developmentof science, to young people interested in forming themselves as biologists, marine biologists and biochemists, to the domestic productive sector and in general to all the people and institutions interested in our university work.

These are important times full of challenges for our School of Biological Sciences. I invite you to visit our website and the campus so that you can appreciate all that the School has to offer.

Best Regards,

Prof. Juan A. Correa, Ph.D.